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Nebulizer administering system

Technological limit and problem with the current nebulizer

① The mean particle size of the mist that can be formed is 10 to 20μm. How deep the mist can enter (such as trachea → bronchial → pulmonary alveolus) depends on the actual particle size. The size of 5μm or less can reach the entrance to the pulmonary alveolus, but cannot reach the pulmonary alveolus. Only about 10% of the atomization administering medicine can reach the bronchial tube. 

② Cannot do the atomization of the medicine of a high viscosity. Cannot do the atomization of most models even by alcohol. 

③ Heat/pressure denaturation disallows a large number of simultaneous vaccination. 

④The existing nebulizer can be used by one person at a time, therefore it demands more steps and time than injection. 

Ultra-fine particle selection and generation device

lCan generate uniform particles of several tens of nn to μm without heat/pressure denaturation.

lAlso mixture/encapsulation of two material types of different physical properties can be performed simultaneously. 

WT Nano particulate selection generation system

lSupports delicate materials and high viscosity materials, even those of 10,000cP or more.

lDecreases damage to materials. Particle crush or friction will not happen, and there are neither damage, denaturation nor deterioration in the material.

lCan generate uniform ultra-fine particles of several tens of nn to μm intensively according to the particle diameter target setting.

lCapable of controlling the charge (+, 0, -) for the first mist with a neutral surface charge.

lTargets throughput for 10-5 to 103g/min order from research level to plant level.

Pharmacokinetics by nebulizer particle diameter

• 4.7-7μm: Throat

• 3.3-4.7μm: Trachea

• 1.1-3.3μm: Bronchial tube

• 1.1μm or less..: The pulmonary alveolus. 

① Generates the mist of non-coherent particles of several tens of nn to several μm (about 2〜5μm), allowing 100% of particles to reach deep into the pulmonary alveolus.


② Allows atomization of the high viscosity liquid medicine. Medicines of high viscosity can be used, and no requirements for low viscosity of medicines are applied.


③ There is no destruction in physical properties by heat/pressure denaturation, and the titer doesn't change.


④ A large amount of atomization can be done by one unit.


⑤ By using “Spray Blend System” from Feather Grass together (can be incorporated as a single unit), 1) mixing of 2 or more types of liquid and 2) Nano-encapsulation of particles are possible just before atomization. Also 1) and 2) can take place at the same time.

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