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This is not Innovation ,This is Revolution for Business.



February 20, 2018 new

【Technical】Nebulizer administering system   《movie》






October 18, 2019    new

  Alteration of Organization

           Tomohiko Hashiba       CEO  ➡ Chaiman

           Toru Tanaka                Director  ➡  CEO        ​



If you have any questions about this company, 

please feel free to contact us at the below phone number or send email.

R&D of materials applying Nanotechnology.

Contents of business



5F Fuji Building, 1-9-2

Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

103-0013 Japan

R&D of machineries and Plant equipments applying Nanotechnology.
Consulting of business planning deriving from R&D mentioned above.
The service of possession, permission, trading and managing of industry property right (patent).




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