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The name of Company 

Feather Grass Co., Ltd.

Head office

5F Fuji Building, 1-9-2

Nihonbashi Ningyo-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
​103-0013 Japan

TEL / FAX : +81-3-3864-8231

Members of the Board

Chairman           Tomihiko HASHIBA

President(CEO)   Toru Tanaka

Director             Tomohiro Takanashi

Director             Masanori Goto

Auditor              Takeshi Akiba


¥11.650 thousand(2016/07/31)

Contents of business

1.R&D of materials applying Nanotechnology.

2.R&D of machineries and Plant equipments applying Nanotechnology.

3.Consulting of business planning deriving from R&D mentioned above.

4.The service of possession, permission, trading and managing of industry property right (patent).

Corporate History
Feather Grass Co.,Ltd was founded.( 2015/12/ 1)

About us

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