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BM-atomization system

A large amount of mist atomization in a large space is possible for the first time with the combination of a special nozzle and the particulate selection tank. Use of this system will be extending greatly over the applications that have not been feasible up to now, such as metal synthesis, spreading, various chemical sprays, cooling, and insecticidal and sterilization, etc.  

Ultra-fine particles made from high viscosity raw material (dilution not required) can be sprayed in large quantities during a short period of time.

•The atomization of the high viscosity liquid (viscosity up to 10,000cp) is also possible.

•Ultra-file particle mist of 1μsize (2 to 5μm on average) can be generated (10 to 30μm for general sprayer)

•The amount of real atomization is drastically decreased because of no dilution, and the operation advantage improves greatly by the ultra-fine particle mist.

•There is no worry of humidifying, and is no moisture uptake of the equipment device because there is no dilution water.

•A large amount of spraying is addressed by increasing the volume via plural nozzles and systems.

First system generating mist without electric charge

• Since the mist does not have an electric charge, there is no particle cohesion, dew condensation or fog drip, so the amount of mist/density per volume is greatly improved (30 times higher than usual), as well as improving the diffusion distance.

•Because the charge of mist is zero based, charge (+/-) control is easy.

•Control of the system such as connecting to or disconnecting from the target is easily possible.

•Charged ultra-fine particle mist greatly improves the effect per fluid volume.

 Maintenance free because there is no clog in the nozzle

•Uniform spraying of ultra-fine mist is possible without clog in the nozzle even with high viscosity medicine.

feature of the large-space atomization system

Ultra-fine particle selection and generation device

Uniform nano mist without charge

Uniform nano mist from Feather Grass

(Note) Nano is smaller than 1μm. 

The particle size is small, uniform, and there is no charge on the surface. 


It is not easy to evaporate because it is easy to cohere.

The surrounding is wet. 

It is not suitable for vaporization heat cooling. 

It doesn't cohere, and it is easy to evaporate.

The surrounding is not wet. 

It is the best for vaporization heat cooling. 

The particle size is large, not uniform, and it has the charge on the surface. 

General dry mist



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